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Campaign for Gender Balance Blog Awards

The Campaign for Gender Balance has announced the shortlists for its Blog Awards, to be announced at the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference.

The shortlists are as follows:

Best Blog by a Woman Liberal Democrat

Best Blog by a Woman Liberal Democrat

This shortlist will form the basis of two awards - the Judge's Choice and the Peoples' Choice. To vote in the People's Choice category, follow this link: http://cgbblog.notlong.com/

Best Blog Post by a Woman Liberal Democrat

Best Blog Post by a Woman Liberal Democrat

Best Blog by a Woman Non-Liberal Democrat

Best Blog by a Woman Non-Liberal Democrat

We are sad to report that Rose Hacker died on 4 February, one month before her 102nd birthday. Her remaining columns are continuing to be published by the Camden New Journal.

Congratulations to everyone who has been shortlisted and commiserations to everyone who was not. The final results will be announced at the Campaign for Gender Balance Blog Awards' Drinks Reception, taking place on Saturday 8th March 2008, between 8.00pm and 9.30pm, at Canada Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool.

The awards will be decided by a prestigious team of judges:

  • Jo Swinson MP: Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Equalities and Chair of the Campaign for Gender Balance
  • Baroness Jane Bonham-Carter: Liberal Democrat spokesperson on broadcasting, a former producer on Newsnight and Vice Chair of the Campaign for Gender Balance
  • Ros Harper: Solicitor and compliance officer for a global bank, Lib Dem 2005 parliamentary candidate for Surrey Heath (as which she wrote a blog for Channel Four News) and Vice Chair of the Campaign for Gender Balance
  • James Graham: winner, Lib Dem Blog of the Year 2007
  • Olly Grender: former Liberal Democrat Director of Communications
  • Ros Taylor: Guardian journalist and an editor on the Comment is Free website

To read blogs by Liberal Democrats (women and men), see the Lib Dem Blogs website (http://www.libdemblogs.co.uk).

Latest Lib Dem Blogs

  • Jul 24, 2014:
    • Opinion: Gaza - can anyone recall the root causes?
      Israel's current actions - indeed its actions since 1948 - are based on three core drum-beat principles; it has a right to exist; it has the most moral Armed Forces in the world; and it is surrounded by enemies intent on its destruction, But there is a fourth 'truth', never acknowledged by Mark Regev or other spokespersons, that Israel itself caused all of the current conflict decades ago by taking more land than the UN allotted to it in 1948 (1), and driving out the indigenous population (2), Then taking yet more land when it occupied the West Bank in ...
    • The pointlessness of the Labour Party
      I am looking at the question of whether it is a good idea to base a political party on the labour/trades union movement at all. This is not having a go at trade unions, which exist to serve their members' interests, and have as much right to do so as anyone has, whether or not it serves the common good - though it often will. Trade unions exist to win a better and/or fairer deal for their members. Fairer deals must be a good thing, and unions which achieve this are therefore supporting the common good, providing they don't cause ...
    • Nick Clegg: The more men speak out against FGM, the sooner we can stop it
      Cosmopolitan magazine caught up with Nick Clegg at the Girl Summit the other day. They have launched their own campaign to remember the victims of "honour killings", surely the most inappropriate way to describe cold blooded murder. The images they've had designed to illustrate their campaign are extremely hard hitting. He was asked what he thought Cosmo's young women readers could do to help end FGM and forced marriage: ...the most powerful change of all is girls and women speaking up. Not allowing this to lurk in the shadows, or be swept under the carpet, or stereotyped as a 'woman's ...
    • Science advisers should be supported, not sacked
      A coalition of environmental NGOs is calling for the post of Europe's chief scientist to be axed. Roger Pielke Jr explains why this is a misguided and shortsighted proposal On Tuesday, a group of European health and environmental NGOs sent a letter to the president-elect of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, urging him to scrap the position of chief scientific adviser to the president of the Commission, a role currently held by Professor Anne Glover. On seeing this demand, my thoughts immediately turned to Richard Nixon. More than 40 years ago, US president Richard Nixon abolished the presidents council of ...
    • The real reason we are all so heavily in debt
      I see the coalition is once again struggling to keep down the size of the deficit and is missing their targets for this year. It is down, of course, from the worrying levels of 2010. But my colleague James Meadway has written a very interesting blog for the New Economics Foundation which suggests that, although the government borrowing total is down, the rest of the economy is still absolutely constipated with debt. The latest debt statistics show that the average household debt including mortgages is £54,700. Outstanding consumer credit debt is up another £5 billion on last year. James Meadway ...
    • eCops: House Burglary - Lolworth 24/07/2014
      There has been a burglary between 11:45 - 18:00 hrs 23/07/2014 at Robins Lane, Lolworth. Entry via rear patio door, which may have been insecure as no sign of forced entry. Items stolen include jewellery, and cash. There have been witness reports of two young males in the area at the time of the offence, age 20-30yrs one described as 5ft 10", blond hair, wearing light coloured top and jeans. Second male described as wearing light clothing. Did you see anything suspicious? Call as below, crime ref: CF0277840714 Police 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 Kind regards Rachel Carr
    • Ukip may well win a seat in May 2015. But the least likely person to get elected is Nigel Farage
      [IMG: Nigel Farage, Leader, UK Independence Party (UKIP)] This week saw the latest in Lord Ashcroft's polls of the marginal battleground seats that will decide the result of the next general election. This crop focused on 14 marginal Conservative-held seats where Labour are in second place. The overall news was half-encouraging for Labour. As it stands, Ed Miliband's party is poised to win 11 of these 14 seats next May. The average swing from Tory to Labour of 4.5% would be enough to win 53 Tory seats, which, as as Ashcroft notes, "combined with the 17 seats my recent polling ...
    • The execution of Joseph Wood and the death penalty debate in America
      [IMG: arizona-execution-drugs] Yesterday, a man named Joseph Wood was killed by the state of Arizona for the crime of double murder. This in and of itself is not newsworthy; it is the fact that the execution appears to have gone slightly wrong, causing Mr Wood unintentional suffering that is of note. The death row inmate apparently choked for two hours in what some said appeared to be horrible pain (although there are conflicting accounts on this). The manner in which he was "put down" is supposed to take fifteen minutes and be agony free. I would like to be able ...
    • The 'Bedroom Tax' - a predictable flesh wound, when all is said and done
      There is a certain relief in reports that the Liberal Democrat leadership have finally seen reason with the 'bedroom tax' - 'sinners repenteth' and so forth. After all, the concept that a policy might be implemented, tested in the field and, if found wanting, changed or scrapped, is a good one. The problem is, and always was, that they were warned at the very beginning by those with experience of local government - predominantly in the Lords - that you couldn't introduce such a penalty unless there was sufficient social housing availability to allow tenants to downsize easily and provision ...
    • Full steam ahead on infrastructure
      [IMG: Tim Farron Social Liberal Forum conference Jul 19 2014 Photo by Paul Walter] Reprinted from Liberal Democrat Voice. One thing that struck me about Tim Farron's Beveridge lecture last Saturday was the scale of his ambition for investment in infrastructure. Conservatives have often talked about their admiration of Victorian values - if only they really did admire those values, because Victorian values included ambition to build an infrastructure, to create a transport, communications and logistics backbone to our economy, to make a difference, to see a problem and not worry about whether fixing it would fit with your ideology, ...
    • LibLink: Tim Farron - Where have all the political giants gone?
      [IMG: CO 1069-1-3. Harold Macmillan. Photo by National ArchIves UK] Over on politics.co.uk, party president Tim Farron has been expanding on some of the themes of his weekend lecture. He begins with some interesting history: When you ask me who my political heroes are, I will reel off a list of people like Beveridge, Penhaligon, Harry Willcock (the man who brought down the ID cards scheme in the 1950s) and Paddy Ashdown. But in the last 12 months I have become attached to Harold MacMillan, when he was housing minister between 1951-1954. This admission usually raises an eyebrow or two. ...
    • Are You A Regular User of Hebden Bridge Railway Station?
      If you are, there's a questionnaire going around from the sustainable transport folks that you might want to fill in. Drop me a comment or a tweet if you want a copy and I'll email you one over. [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments
    • The Blood is The Life 24-07-2014
      'Lessons must be learned' from diabetic former soldier, who died after benefits sanction (tags: ) If you suffer from or have suffered from depression please take this survey (tags: ) Alice Cooper 'relishing' prospect of annual UK royalty cheque (@realalicecooper) (tags: ) Do take care to cook your chicken properly, folks. Or, you know, don't buy cheap chicken. (tags: ) Screen Yorkshire is a rare example of how Yorkshire has the autonomy to attract investment (tags: ) Offshore wind farms become magnets for hungry seals (tags: ) [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments
    • At last some commonsense on bTB
      Given that it is Royal Welsh Show week I suppose that it is to be expected that the usual suspects would be wheeled out to support the bizarre and failed badger cull in England and to call for it to be reinstated here, in Wales. I have not been disappointed. Somehow, simplistic solutions are appealing despite the over-whelming evidence that they are entirely ineffective. So it has been with the shoot-first and ask-questions-later brigade. I was pleased therefore to see a sensible contribution to the debate in today's Western Mail from Wales' chief vet Professor Christianne Glossop, who has managed ...
    • I have returned from Devon & Vacation Responder is off. So, f-list, What Should I do About Email?
      There are some people whose emails I always want to read - parents, partners, daughter, close friends. There are some people whose emails it is important for me to read - my PPCs, my treasurer, my council group leader, stuff from work, or from region. Maybe 1% of the email I get falls into both of those categories; 95% of the email I get does not fall into either one. I use gmail labels extensively, and this has worked very well for me. So, while I was in Devon, I put the vacation responder on. I'd seen other people do ...
    • Proposed garage at Bromfield Road could pollute Ludlow's famous Boiling Well
      A few times of late, I have heard rumours that the plans for a new convenience store and filling station on the corner of Coronation Avenue and Bromfield Road have been turned down (14/00563/FUL). I have also heard that it has been approved. The application has yet to be decided. The sticking point is, unsurprisingly, [...]
    • Liberal Democrat Berkhamsted Town Councillor's Bid to Bring Kingshill Safety Scheme Forward.
      [IMG: KingshillJctnCropped] In a letter to the Editor of the Berkhamsted Gazette Liberal Democrat Berkhamsted Town Councillor Garrick Stevens has outlined the plans that he and fellow Town Councillor Danny Bonnett have put forward to Berkhamsted Town Council. He writes: Dear Sir Your report [Gazette 9th July 2013] of the Town Council's meeting that discussed the proposal to partner the County Council to fund the planned lights controlled crossing at the junction of Kings Road and Shootersway was somewhat misleading. I'd like to set the record straight. The junction has long been regarded as a traffic congestion and safety hotspot: ...
    • Graffiti on rail line reported
      Residents have expressed concern about the extent of graffiti by the rail line - see below - near Riverside Drive, south of the Botanic Garden.I have reported this to Network Rail requesting its removal.
    • David Ward, Gaza and tweetcrime
      If I lived in Gaza I would... If I lived in Gaza I would what? If I lived in Gaza I wouldn't be me. I certainly wouldn't be a middle-aged British Liberal Democrat. So there was something silly about David Ward pondering what he would do if he lived in Gaza. Whatever that conflict there is about, it isn't about you, David. Still, David has not been half as silly as some of his critics. Last night Conservatives took to Twitter to demand his instant expulsion from the party:" One bladder-on-a-stick called Nadhim Zahawi has even written to the Metropolitan ...
    • Motion - Sefton Council meeting 24th July - Liverpool City Region Draft Long Term Rail Strategy
      [IMG: A Southport bound Class 156 DMU at Burscough Bridge Station on the Southport - Wigan - Manchester Line.] A Southport bound Class 156 DMU at Burscough Bridge Station on the Southport - Wigan - Manchester Line. I am moving the motion below at the meeting of Sefton Council tonight and am hoping it will get all-party support. ***** That the Council welcomes publication of the Draft City Region Long Term Rail Strategy but is concerned that the Southport - Wigan - Manchester line, which supports commuter travel for Sefton residents living in the north of the Borough who work ...
    • St Lukes Church Liverpool - City Council's tune has changed
      www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-28190351 I posted on this historic site a while ago:- The funding on the table from Liverpool City Council is most welcome and it seems to indicate a change of heart from 'we have no money, we will not do anything to the building' approach of not so long ago.
    • Good news: Voters places themselves and the Lib Dems in the centre. Bad news: that doesn't mean they're liberals
      "There's no future for the Lib Dems as a party of the centre," goes the cry from radicals on both wings of our party. So I was interested to see this polling data from YouGov (hat-tip Adam Corlett) looking at where voters place themselves on the left-right axis and where they place the parties and their leaders. And yes, I know we don't buy into the idea of a binary left-right axis, but it can't be entirely dismissed. As YouGov explains, "tracking data compiled over as many as 12 years gives a clear sense of how the main parties and ...
    • 'Health Minister burying his head in the sand over deeply worrying critical care report'
      A report into critical care in the Welsh NHS, from June, published earlier this week by the health minister states that: • Wales has the lowest critical care capacity in Europe • There is an immediate need for an additional 73 beds in Wales • The number of critical care beds in Wales has declined since 1999 • Most Welsh critical care units routinely run at above the recommended 75 per cent bed occupancy rate • Demand for critical care is expected to rise by five per cent per year on average, although the demography of Wales means this might be higher for an ageing ...
    • California Dreaming: Guess I'm Dumb
      It might have seemed in 1964 that Brian Wilson was on top of the world. Not only had the Beach Boys managed to withstand Beatlemania, despite the British band being on the same record label as them, but unlike almost every other American group they'd actually become more successful, having their first number one hit [...]
    • Warmer Homes, Lower Bills And A Greener Britain
      Liberal Democrats have announced that future Governments will be required by law to help fight fuel poverty by making the coldest, leakiest homes more energy efficient. Households on low incomes and high energy costs, often caused by poorly insulated homes, will face lower bills as they are raised to a B and C energy efficiency rating by 2030. Alongside this, the consultation Cutting the Cost of Keeping Warm puts a particular emphasis on helping low-income households who are not connected to the gas grid and those whose health can suffer from living in the cold. Proposed changes to the private ...
  • Jul 23, 2014:
    • Interviewing Ed Davey at the Social Liberal Forum conference
      If, as Paul Walter suggested the other day, Ed Davey is the Liberal Democrats' climate change bulldog, then he is a very polite bulldog: a bulldog who is all over his brief as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. After interviewing Tim Farron, I met Ed Davey, along with Paul Walter, Caron Lindsay and Mathew Hulbert. We met in a cool room somewhere upstairs in Amnesty International's new headquarters during the Social Liberal Forum conference on Saturday. If not a bulldog, then Ed was certainly bullish. He is clearly delighted with Liberal Democrats achievements under him, and Chris ...
    • The secret of conjuring local enterprise
      I must admit that McKinsey is my least favourite management consultancy. I've got nothing against their very clever staff and consultants, but they seem to me to be let down by the culture and tradition of the place, which gets in the way of seeing the world as it really is. On one hand they are always chasing after the latest fads and buzzwords (a failing of all management consultants). On the other hand they remain locked into an archaic framework for understanding the way organisations work, including the so-called McKinsey Fallacy (Everything can be measured and what can be ...
    • Russia: Cameron gets tough
    • Farewell to Dora Bryan
      Dora Bryan has died at the age of 91. She had a long life, made difficult later on by illness. As the BBC tribute suggests, she specialised in scene-stealing cameos rather than great roles. We have already seen her as Rose, the tart with the heart of gold, in The Fallen Idol. So here she is as the mother at the start of A Taste of Honey. She also took part in cinema's greatest train chase in Great St Trinian's Train Robbery. Trivia fans may be pleased to learn that one of the children singing the song is Hazel Blears' ...
    • What is wrong with John Bercow?
      Regularly criticised for his attention seeking antics, how on Earth did Commons Speaker John Bercow think this was an acceptable way to be have in the debate on MH17 and Gaza?
    • Nick Clegg: I want to hardwire LGBT rights into our entire human rights agenda
      [IMG: Rennie and the Queen's Baton] The Commonwealth Games opens in Glasgow in a couple of hours and we're promised quite a spectacle. All of Scotland is ready. Except perhaps Edinburgh, where the powers that be have decided, in their wisdom, to dig up the road outside Waverley Station, causing total chaos. Politicians have been all over the place in Scotland today, ahead of attending the Opening Ceremony. Willie Rennie managed to get his hands on the Queen's Baton (see the photo on the right). I'm hoping he gave it back... David Cameron was in Shetland with the little ponies. ...
    • NW Cambridge: Sainsbury's Supermarket Deal
      The University of Cambridge has selected Sainsbury's as the operator for the supermarket on the North West Cambridge Development. The supermarket is an essential element of the development's local centre and will serve both the existing local community and the new residents of the North West Cambridge Development. The store will front onto the market square and be in close proximity to other shops and community facilities, including the primary school, nursery and community centre. It will include 2,000 sqm of net retail space and will have sheltered bicycle parking and underground car parking to serve the local centre. Roger ...
    • Joe Anderson - A comment too far
      We all make mistakes and I include myself in that statement. I always find that the best thing to do when you have made a mistake is to admit it - apologise - and move on. Not doing so damages ... Continue reading →
    • Labour Say 'Non' To Lasting Tour Legacy
      Liberal Democrat calls for a lasting legacy for cycling in Cambridgeshire from the Tour De France were voted down today by Labour councillors - including the County Council's own 'Cycling Champion', Noel Kavanagh. The Lib Dem group at the County Council attempted to amend a motion giving council staff a pat on the back for their work in organising the Tour, to include specific commitments to create a lasting legacy for cycling. Cllr Ian Manning's amendment singled out completion of the Chisholm Trail cycle route by 2020 and incorporation of the recommendations of the Make Space for Cycling publication as ...
    • Bury War Memorial
      [IMG: rsz_bury_war_memorial] 100 years since the outbreak of the 1st World War. Another of my themed postings. In the centre of Bury next to the Parish Church and only yards away from Bury Bolton Street Station of the East Lancashire Railway. A grand war memorial indeed.
    • Causes of death in Stockport
      Interesting charts showing the causes of all death in Stockport, then narrowing it down to under-75s (generally considered as "early deaths" and further to preventable deaths.
    • Did Douglas Adams get the idea from Don Cupitt?
      I've been reading Don Cupitt lately. For a lot of it, that really means I've been looking at the words in sequence rather than actually reading it. It's been very good for some things actually. Very thought provoking. Currently, I'm reading The Leap of Reason. Here is a page from it. Note the section heading at the bottom "The Meaning Of Life". Now note the page number. The Leap of Reason was published in 1976 (though this is a later edition). Hitchhiker's Guide was published in 1978. Just a thought.
    • Ayoub Khan selected as Liberal Democrat candidate for West Midlands Police and Crime Commisioner by-election
      [IMG: Police helmet] A by-election is to take place on 21st August for the post of West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner after the sad death of the incumbent, Labour's Bob Jones, on July 1st. The Liberal Democrat candidate will be Ayoub Khan, the 41 year old barrister and former councillor who fought the election in 2012. From the Birmingham Mail: The 41-year-old from Aston, who administered first aid to a gun-shot victim fifty yards from his house in 2002, was called to the bar in 2005. He was a Birmingham City Councillor between 2003 and 2012. He holds a ...
    • The Assisted Dying Bill: A necessary evil?
      Recent comments made by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey with regards to the Assisted Dying Bill mark a significant blow to opposition campaigners against the bill. In the Daily Mail, he writes: "Today we face a central paradox. In strictly observing the sanctity of life, the Church could now actually be promoting anguish [...]
    • Musings from the Council Chamber - today's meeting
      Disgrace of the Day. The Cabinet and council were unrepentant about fixing up a quizzing of council officers at their Labour Group meeting and five separate localised briefings for Labour Group Members only, all in relation to the proposed changes to Children's Centres reported on this site, weeks before the proposal went to Cabinet. And that despite the fact that in this area all three of the wards containing Children's Centres have no Labour Councillors. How does that fit in with the bit in the Local member Consultative Charter which says: Any matter of significance or sensitivity which relates to ...
    • Opinion: Alice vs the System: Lessons from a lifetime of "help" from public services #2
      [IMG: Bubbles. White rabbit. Photo by jay turner] This is the second article in the series about Alice and her experience of "the system." The first can be found here. Alice didn't legally become my sister until she was 3. Alice's adoption was the white rabbit, I guess, that we chased for the next three years. I was too young to fully understand the nature of the legal wrangles over her adoption. From conversations with my mum and dad, the issues were twofold. First, that as foster parents it wasn't so easy to move straight over to adoption - you're ...
    • Tring Summer Celebrations
      [IMG: carnival Tring blog] The Tring Carnival on 12 July was a great success. With better weather this year than the nearly total wash-out of 2013, everyone had a great time. Over 100 stalls showcased clubs and charities, provided a chance to buy souvenirs, novelties, interesting food and drinks - and some of the tastiest lamb burgers you could ever ask for! The arena was busy and filled all day with demonstrations, competitions, fun and games with the Beer Tent doing a roaring trade as usual. Transport past and present was exhibited - as our picture of a steam lorry ...
    • David Ward apologises for his tweet and calls for more action by world community to end humanitarian crisis in Gaza
      [IMG: David Ward] David Ward has apologised for last night's tweet, saying that he does not condone firing rockets into Israel. Here's his statement in full: I utterly condemn the violence on both sides in Israel and Gaza. I condemn the actions of Hamas, and my comments were not in support of firing rockets into Israel. If they gave the opposite impression, I apologise. However, while I defend the right of Israel to exist and defend itself, I will continue to speak out for the rights of the Palestinian people who are facing untold suffering. More must be done by ...
    • A day at the races, and a profitable one at that...
      Buying gifts for my parents has become increasingly difficult as the years have passed - they presumably now have everything that they want, and have never wanted that much anyway, so when Ros suggested that I take them to a race meeting at Newmarket, my problem was solved (at least for one year). So, having agreed a date, I booked a VIP package for the four of us and kept my fingers crossed for the weather. Three days out, I was not optimistic, as the forecast predicted a series of vicious thunderstorms over west Suffolk but, as Saturday drew closer, ...
    • Faulty #FulbridgeRoad Light - REPORTED!
      [IMG: 002] Local LIB DEM ward councillor, Darren Fower, has reported the faulty light located along Fulbridge Road, Werrington (PCC63). Commenting, Darren said: "I walked past it the other day and noticed it, as it also holds up the Vehicle Activated Sign, that I recently reported was ALSO faulty at the latest Police Panel meeting! "I spoke with one nearby resident who told me it has been faulty for several days now and so hopefully this will now be addressed in the next week or so?" Don't forget that if you know of a problem with a street light or ...
    • Full steam ahead on infrastructure
      [IMG: Tim Farron Social Liberal Forum conference Jul 19 2014 Photo by Paul Walter] One thing that struck me about Tim Farron's Beveridge lecture last Saturday was the scale of his ambition for investment in infrastructure. Conservatives have often talked about their admiration of Victorian values - if only they really did admire those values, because Victorian values included ambition to build an infrastructure, to create a transport, communications and logistics backbone to our economy, to make a difference, to see a problem and not worry about whether fixing it would fit with your ideology, but to just get on ...
    • Harris ED Free Primary School - Temp site
      Last night the planning application submitted in May was finally granted planning permission for the temporary site to house the Harris East Dulwich Free Primary School. The planning application was submitted 23 May and should have been decided by 16 July but Southwark Council didnt wanted to give planning permission to a Harris school and was using Metropolitican Open Land as a reason to consider resisting. At the planning committee Labour councillors repeatedly haranged the agent about a late application - when the lateness was caused by Southwarks own officers. Even the planning chair admitted she was blaming the wrong ...
    • Nick Clegg: LGBT Rights Are Human Rights
      Nick Clegg paid a visit to Pride House in Glasgow today to hear about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights across the Commonwealth and sports. Almost 80% of Commonwealth countries (42 out of 53 countries) represented in Glasgow this week criminalise homosexuality in some way. Pride House is an LGBT space set up to promote diversity at the Games and within the Commonwealth. Speaking at Pride House, Nick Clegg said: "We've come a long way in this country towards achieving the genuine equality that LGBT people have always wanted and deserved. This includes last year's landmark equal marriage reform. Yet ...
    • The Gender Agenda #3: Is there such a thing as "Women's Policy"?
      [IMG: LDW stall] I was long-winded last time so let's try brevity: yes, and no. When people talk about 'women's policy' they usually mean one of three things: 1. Policies which only affect women directly: men (apart from trans men) do not, for example, suffer FGM or need access to abortion, so they will only ever be indirectly affected by policy on those issues. 2. Policies were your gender directly determines your rights and treatment in society: that includes gender separation in schools or prisons, or access to parental leave. 3. Policies aimed at everyone, but that disproportionately affect women ...
    • Newbury Rd Garages Update
      I've been asked by residents to see what can be done about these three garages in Newbury Rd. This is being pursued by the ASB & Statutory Nuisance Team responsible for Community Safety at Central Bedfordshire Council. The main problem is tracking down the owners, as some are privately owned, and others may be housing associations. I'm told that two owners have been tracked down and asked to clear up and make secure or they could face penalties. The third owner is still being sort.
    • Our Mature Trees Need Maintenance
      When we had Pride in Houghton earlier this year some effort was trumpeted by Central Bedfordshire Council as they trimmed a few trees, but what happened to the momentum? All over the Parkside ward people are now kicking up a fuss, notably over the state of sycamore and ash trees, some that are more than 30 years old. Planted close to homes, they regularly drop off their seeds that can quickly establish root and sprout in gardens. Some are so close they touch the windows of homes, and when they don't can block out a significant amount of light. There's ...