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Campaign for Gender Balance Blog Awards

The Campaign for Gender Balance has announced the shortlists for its Blog Awards, to be announced at the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference.

The shortlists are as follows:

Best Blog by a Woman Liberal Democrat

Best Blog by a Woman Liberal Democrat

This shortlist will form the basis of two awards - the Judge's Choice and the Peoples' Choice. To vote in the People's Choice category, follow this link: http://cgbblog.notlong.com/

Best Blog Post by a Woman Liberal Democrat

Best Blog Post by a Woman Liberal Democrat

Best Blog by a Woman Non-Liberal Democrat

Best Blog by a Woman Non-Liberal Democrat

We are sad to report that Rose Hacker died on 4 February, one month before her 102nd birthday. Her remaining columns are continuing to be published by the Camden New Journal.

Congratulations to everyone who has been shortlisted and commiserations to everyone who was not. The final results will be announced at the Campaign for Gender Balance Blog Awards' Drinks Reception, taking place on Saturday 8th March 2008, between 8.00pm and 9.30pm, at Canada Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool.

The awards will be decided by a prestigious team of judges:

  • Jo Swinson MP: Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Equalities and Chair of the Campaign for Gender Balance
  • Baroness Jane Bonham-Carter: Liberal Democrat spokesperson on broadcasting, a former producer on Newsnight and Vice Chair of the Campaign for Gender Balance
  • Ros Harper: Solicitor and compliance officer for a global bank, Lib Dem 2005 parliamentary candidate for Surrey Heath (as which she wrote a blog for Channel Four News) and Vice Chair of the Campaign for Gender Balance
  • James Graham: winner, Lib Dem Blog of the Year 2007
  • Olly Grender: former Liberal Democrat Director of Communications
  • Ros Taylor: Guardian journalist and an editor on the Comment is Free website

To read blogs by Liberal Democrats (women and men), see the Lib Dem Blogs website (http://www.libdemblogs.co.uk).

Latest Lib Dem Blogs

  • May 4, 2015:
    • The real problem with #EdStone is that Miliband cannot be sure he will be able to deliver
      We are all sneering - myself included - at Ed Milliband's decision to inscribe a monolith with 6 election pledges. Even the Labour-supporting Guardian has likened it to Neil Kinnock's Sheffield Rally. Preposterous as this seems, I suspect that the intended message - that they are really serious about these pledges - may nonetheless seep through, while politicians and reporters clutch their aching sides, to the wider public. And here lies the bigger problem. I strongly advise Ed not to make pledges that he cannot be certain he would be able to keep. What are these pledges: 1. A strong ...
    • Red lines for blue danger?
      In the immediately previous post I've argued that all parties should avoid indulging in "red line" speculation however hard the media press. Far more fruitful would be for us all concentrate on the policies on which we are are campaigning and say that, in the event of our not winning an outright majority of MPs, which the minor parties obviously won't, we will in post-election negotiations, argue as strongly as possible for the items on our "wish-lists." Obviously we shall be unable to achieve them all: that's the nature of the compromises made necessary in mature multi-party politics. Unfortunately this ...
    • Opinion: Labour isn't Keynesian - that's why Liberal Democrats had to be
      When Labour bailed out the financial system, it misapplied Keynesian economics. Keynes writes that stimulus should be used to stimulate a depressed economy that isn't at full employment: what Labour did was use the stimulus money to stabilise a system that was falling apart under the weight of its own contradictions. The instant they did that, it committed the UK to paying back the money it had borrowed: it transferred the debt that would have been wiped out by private sector bankruptcy to the state. While this reduced the loss of value in the economy (public sector debt has prevented ...
    • Liberal Democrat Newswire #64 is out: Two more red lines unveiled by Lib Dems
      [IMG: Liberal Democrat Newswire logo] Liberal Democrat Newswire #64 came out on Sunday, including a look at the Liberal Democrat red lines for a hung Parliament. You can also read it below, but if you'd like the convenience of getting it direct by email in future, just sign up here. It's free! Welcome to the 64th edition of Liberal Democrat Newswire, thefinal weekly special of the 2015 general election campaign. Statistic of the week: 2,700 - the number of new members the Liberal Democrats are set to have recruited in March and April. Thank you as ever to the generous ...
    • Lib Dems Believe Wordle 46 Freedom - Education
      Lib Dems Believe Wordle 46 Freedom - Education
    • Liberal Democrats Believe... 47 - Julian Huppert
      I'm voting Liberal Democrat because we're the only party that really cares about people. Whether we're talking about mental health, whether we're talking about the environment and our future, whether we're talking about civil liberties, we are the people who will care about enabling you to be the person you can be. That's why I'm voting Liberal Democrat. Why are you? Julian Huppert (Twitter @julianhuppert) has been a brilliant MP for Cambridge so far - Parliament's leading voice on science and civil liberties, amongst many other things - and is seeking re-election to do the job again! This was his ...
    • Election night LIVE on Liberal Democrat Voice
      We'll be covering election night live here on Liberal Democrat Voice on Thursday night through to Friday morning. From the moment the polls close, we'll be running a live blog which will include up-to-the-second news from the counts, plus commentary from the Liberal Democrat Voice team around the country, from leading analysts/journalists and from LDV readers. We'll also be posting hourly summaries of what's happened and highlighting particularly notable news. So for the Liberal Democrat politics nut, this will be the place for you to follow all the latest news and insight through the night.
    • Dulwich & West Norwood - my local priorities
      If elected as your MP this Thursday my local priorities - above and beyond the Lib Dem national manifesto are: Helping solve the local schools crisis through opening new schools, building in the right places. I have already ensured an extra 3,100 primary and secondary schools places locally. But we need at least another 1,500 school places. Saving local libraries. Lambeth Council is planning to close 5 libraries and downsize two others. We have shown through building new libraries such as John Harvard Library that if you build better libraries more people use them more. I've persuaded developers to give ...
    • Heading for cuts
      I have a mature hawthorn hedge around one of the pieces of land I rent. Thick branches and very hard thorns are its defining characteristics. On Friday I discovered some of our hens were getting through a gap in the hedge we be blocked it up with some wire netting and bamboo canes. Alas, as I was pressing most of my body weight on the cane to get it into the ground, it shattered and I went head
    • My shoes have met their end
      All this canvassing and delivering has worn out my shoes. Sadly they are beyond repair. It will mean a trip to the shops to get replacements. At least they were worn out in a good cause (I appreciate that statement will not be shared by the Labour trolls who follow me!) The weekend left us a bit ahead of schedule. Other than one polling district, all our letters and leaflets to polling station
    • Protecting our Post Offices: just one of the Lib Dem achievements in the last five years
      [IMG: Lib Dem achievements in government - 9. Post Offices] For more, see the full infographic: What have the Liberal Democrats achieved in government? [IMG: Share on Facebook] [IMG: Share on Twitter] Show support for Lib Dems on social media The Liberal Democrats have achieved so much in the last five years. Now help the party achieve even more in the next five years: Sign up to this Thunderclap to share a message on the eve of poll about voting Liberal Democrat Sign up to this Facebook event to show that you're voting Liberal Democrat
    • Steadying Ourselves For The #GE2015 Results
      Remember those minutes leading up to 10pm on 6 May 2010? The excitement for Liberal Democrats was palpable. As I took my seat in my then local pub to watch the results, I was so filled with naive optimism. Not too many days before, and only a mile away, I'd witnessed a massive Lib Dem rally and a #IAgreeWithNick flashmob in Trafalgar Square. How could we not make massive gains? Of course, on the night, despite every poll except the exit poll... we lost seats. Sure we managed to get into Government for the first time (as Lib Dems) but ...
    • Another stop on the farewell tour
      Only a few days left for me as a councillor - I'm not quite sure if my term ends when my replacement is announced on Friday, or if I'm technically still in office over the weekend - but I've been chatting with Jason from the Colchester Chronicle about my decision to step down, which he's now published as a post. And if you missed it, my original post explaining why it's time to move on is here.
    • Six red lines
      Over the last week Nick Clegg has been drip-feeding his negotiating red lines. And here they are: [IMG: key_NHS-red-line (1)] [IMG: key_education-red-line] [IMG: key_Public-sector-workers-red-line (1)] [IMG: key_tax-red-line (1)] [IMG: key_economic red line] But that's only five, I hear you say. I'm afraid I can't find the graphic for the sixth red line on protecting the environment, and indeed very little has been said about it. I would like to know whether each of the proposed five green laws are themselves red lines. They are: Zero Carbon Britain Act Resource Efficiency and Zero Waste Britain Act Green Transport Act Green Buildings ...
    • The smoke and mirrors of small politics
      This is supposed to be the most exciting election for decades, with the outcome still unclear only four days before polling day. But I can't say I'm feeling it. With the exception of yesterday's quite extraordinarily bizarre #Edstone stunt, it has all felt pretty humdrum, slightly surreal, and deeply infuriating. All at the same time. It is humdrum because the spinners have tried to ensure politicians say as little as possible of substance and have largely managed to erect an impenetrable cordon between the politicians in their charge and anything resembling either a real person or a real question. So ...
    • The Blood is The Life 04-05-2015
      Labour candidate to issue retraction letter after resorting to desperate lies and smears (tags: ) "Goodness is about what you do. Not what you pray to" - 50 best Terry Pratchett quotes (tags: ) Eric "champion of localism" Pickles reveals Tories blocked Lib Dem push for new council tax powers (tags: ) 14 Classic Children's Books "Improved" With Swearing (tags: ) Why polyamorous marriages are the next step to equality (tags: ) [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments
    • The local dimension - Health and caring
      South Gloucestershire has some brilliant and caring health professionals. But services are still not always as good as they should be. We will work closely with residents and the local NHS to help drive up standards and improve support for carers. We will: Lobby for greater support and recognition for carers in South Gloucestershire.Foster stronger partnership with your local NHS to help enable better local services.Increase emphasis on helping people to lead healthier lives and doing more to help tackle chronic health problems caused by smoking, alcohol and drugs.Support more work to help to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health.Work ...
    • Labour did not, Conservatives on their own would not
      The Lib Dems have fought hard to get bankers and tax avoiders to pay their due
    • Why raising the Tax Threshold is better than raising the Minimum Wage
      One of the questions that persistently comes up during this election campaign is that of raising the National Minimum Wage. Various people suggest different levels to raise it to - Labour are promoting £8 an hour, which is actually less than the £8.25 we would expect if the rate of increases under the Coalition continues. The Greens have doubled down on £10 an hour. I personally think it's bad politics to have a competition on who can raise the minimum wage the most, if only for the reason that politicians don't set the minimum wage. It's set, according to a ...
    • Tales from the campaign
      [IMG: election] I spotted these two handwritten notes side by side when I was out delivering last week. In case you can't see this too clearly on your device, they say: "I will vote for the party who doesn't waste paper. Give me a leaflet and you're off the list .." "I am undecided. Keep the leaflets coming ..." Ah - a dilemma indeed. Some weeks ago Caron asked you for your funniest canvassing story, and it produced a ripe crop of stories in the comments, though I don't think any of them surpassed the unforgettable one submitted by Mark ...
    • How voters decide who to vote for: Affluence, Austerity and Electoral Change in Britain
      The core thesis of Affluence, Austerity and Electoral Change in Britain is that Britain's recent general elections have been decided by "valence factors" - that is ones where voters choose between parties based on evaluation of their competence rather than making choices based on competing ideology. With the more recent rise of Ukip and, to a lesser extent, the Greens, it is far from clear that valence factors continue to dominate British politics but even so there are plenty of pointers to understanding current and future politics from this study of the past, with its detailed statistical analysis of polling ...
    • Good luck to all Liberal Democrats
      I shall be away in Liverpool for the next three days with my day job. I don't know how much blogging I shall be able to do, but will be around on Twitter. Because of this, my mother's frailty and my own slightly dodgy health recently, I have not been as active in this election campaign as I would have liked. So let me take this chance to wish all Liberal Democrat candidates and activists the very best of luck on Thursday. As to what happens afterwards... let us remember the most important rules of Malcolm Saville's Lone Pine Club: ...
    • Harborough's Labour candidate backed the death penalty
      The other day, when it was revealed that Ukip's candidate for Harborough had spent part of the campaign on holiday in Florida, Labour's candidate Sundip Meghani was outraged: "Standing for election to the House of Commons is not a joke or something you do in your spare time. "... It is a disgrace."I suggested when the story broke that Meghani was being ungrateful. Let me explain why. Meghani first came to this blog's notice as one of two Leicester Labour councillors to back the death penalty. He said in August 2011: It's a complicated issue but I'm in favour of ...
    • Why is the professionalisation of politics automatically demonised?
      At the end of last week, the Spectator came out with which party they are endorsing for this very shortly to be upon us election. It was, as I fully expected, the Green Party. All kidding aside, there was one sentence in the endorsement article that stuck in my teeth: "Like so many former bag-carriers who end up elected to parliament, Miliband has no experience outside the world of academia and politics." For a start, all of the above could very easily apply to David Cameron (sorry - a few years in a PR agency is hardly "real world" worthy), ...
    • Capital Punishment - Glad its gone
      The Liverpool Echo has the story - see link above. As someone who believes that society can't right the wrongs of serous crime by the state committing another crime I find this Echo article interesting and thought provoking.
    • Divert cash to mental health, urges Lib Dem MP
      David Laws, the Liberal Democrat education spokesman, has said that schools should use extra funding for poor pupils to tackle mental health problems. He told the NAHT conference that there was a "huge gap" between help for young people's mental and physical health. He added that schools should feel free to use the pupil premium, which gives extra money for deprived pupils, on measures to support children from unstable homes, not just on additional teaching or one-to-one tuition. The Times covered this story [IMG: key_david_laws] I like this kind of innovative thinking from David Laws. I suppose you could call ...
    • West End Ward Surgeries
      With today being the May Day school holiday, my usual Monday ward surgeries do not take place, but I can still be contacted on any local issues or concerns through my e-surgery - just e-mail esurgery@frasermacpherson.org.uk. I can also be contacted at home at any time on 459378 and also during office hours at my Dundee City Council office on 434985. My Thursday surgery at Blackness Primary School takes place at 6,15pm as usual (despite it being polling day!)
    • The Observer may as well have endorsed Russell Brand
      Giving an endorsement based not on solutions, but on correctly identifying the problem, seems an odd thing for a newspaper to do - yet that is exactly what The Observer did yesterday. I would argue the problem lies in our ... Continue reading →
    • Clegg and Miliband go head to head on YouTube
      Only one of the two party leaders featured below has approved this message:
    • Welsh Lib Dems publish Manifesto for Young People
      The Welsh Liberal Democrats have published their Manifesto for Young People and have pledged that the party will make sure that every single young person has the opportunity to make the best possible start to their lives. Amongst the wide-ranging policies in the manifesto are: • Give young people help to rent their first place • Introduce a Student Living Support Grant • Provide an extra £150m for the Welsh Pupil Premium • Extend the right to vote to 16 year olds • Introduce 5 Green Laws to protect our environment for future generations • Revolutionise children's mental health services • Expand the Welsh Liberal Democrats' Young ...
  • May 3, 2015:
    • There is no need for Clegg to make an EU Referendum a red line. This does not signify agreement to it
      I have seen some consternation amongst Lib Dems today, both in real life and online, about Nick Clegg's remarks about an EU referendum not being a red line for us. Many party members feel very strongly that we should not agree to something which could be very unsettling and destabilising. Having come through three years of the Scottish referendum, I am more in that camp than in the other group of activists who think we should agree to it or we'll be seen as anti-democratic. Before we rush to judgment, let's have a look at what Nick actually said. From ...
    • Lib Dems Believe Wordle 45 Freedom - Opportunity
      Lib Dems Believe Wordle 45 Freedom - Opportunity
    • Honesty, integrity and authenticity
      So here we are: the final straight of the General Election campaign in Hastings & Rye. And from all of the hustings meetings undertaken over these past few weeks, one question above all has stuck with me. Towards the end of the Rye Church Together hustings on Thursday night a lady asked us (and I paraphrase) 'Do [...]
    • Six of the Best 508
      Nick Barlow stands up for localism against Eric Pickles. Jackson Lears stands up for liberal education against neoliberalism. More than 50,000 families have been silently shipped out of London boroughs in the past three years, says Daniel Douglas, Ragged University argues that modern housing developments have been made little else but a stage for isolated family living "The 25 men who participated in the incident swore one another to secrecy, and their names were never reported. In higher circles around Marietta, though, their identities were generally well known, for they had nothing to fear." Steve Oney on America's only anti-Semitic ...
    • Lynne Featherstone on Labour's "lies and desperate smears"
      A couple of weeks ago, we featured the Labour candidate in Leeds North West who had a bit of a problem with the, you know, facts. Greg Mulholland rightly called him out for it. Now Lynne Featherstone's Labour opponent has told a pretty outrageous untruth about her. They will now have to print and distribute a retraction. From Lynne's blog: The letter to residents contained the false statement: "Lynne Featherstone...was even a minister in the Home Office when the disgraceful "Go Home" vans were sent out." At the time the vans went out (July 2013), Lynne Featherstone was in the ...
    • Liberal Democrats Believe... 46 - Elliott Dodds
      The Liberal purpose - let it be said again - is the creation of opportunity for men and women to become self-directing, responsible persons. The Liberal aim is the widespread diffusion of personal ownership so that all citizens have complete control over something they can truly call their own. George Elliott Dodds was a leading Liberal Party thinker in the mid-Twentieth Century, particularly known for promoting co-ownership in industry, as Liberal Party President, and for the Unservile State Group, from whose work Liberty and Welfare the first quote is taken.
    • The local dimension - Ensuring fairness and empowering communities
      As the General Election gets nearer, people are losing sight of there being local elections as well. This is the first of a series of posts looking at the Liberal Democrat manifesto for South Gloucestershire, and what it means in our area. First of all, what are the issues for local communities? Despite reduced funding from central government, the local Lib Dems have consistently worked to protect those in greatest need to help create a fairer society. Localism is at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to ensure that important decisions are not simply left to council ...
    • What happens on board the Lib Dems battle bus?
      Watch and find out: All aboard the #libdems Battle Bus! #GE2015 https://t.co/d9rFv8gvN1 - Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) May 3, 2015
    • In which I seriously contemplate voting Labour
      You might find this hard to believe. I was a little bit shocked by it myself. You have to understand the situation I am in. I live in a seat which is, to all intents and purposes, a battle between the SNP and Labour. With a poll this week suggesting that the SNP could win every single seat in Scotland, the unthinkable had to be thought. Should I, could I vote Labour tactically to try to stop that happening? A large group of SNP MPs primarily motivated by narrow nationalist interests is not something that I think would be healthy ...
    • Peter Kellner's latest projection gives hope to the Lib Dems but points to the squeakiest of squeaky bum times
      In the Sunday Times (£ - Phwah!), Peter Kellner predicts 32 seats for the Lib Dems, which is in line with Stephen Tall's long-standing projection. But the overall seat projection from Kellner puts us in rather different waters than other projections. The Guardian's projection, for example, has pointed almost constantly to a Labour minority government with SNP support. However, Kellner's projection opens up a new can of worms. He predicts 283 for the Tories, 2 for UKIP. Add in 8 (or will it be 9?) for the DUP and you have a Tory bloc of 293 which could just about ...
    • The interesting thing about the first of those Milistone promises
      The first promise on Ed Miliband's eight foot limestone slab is: 1. A strong economic foundation Note that he doesn't promise an actual "strong economy". That would be going too far. After all, Miliband and Labour have not yet apologised for the last economic disaster which put at least a net 600,000 people out of work in the UK. Their excuse was that it was all caused by global forces. So they can't promise a strong economy because global forces might come in and mess it all up again. So they just promise a "strong economic foundation". Fairly lame, I ...
    • Far from the campaign trail - a European detour on the road to wisdom
      Never let it be said that I am unwilling to help, and I have always been happy to go to meetings so that you, gentle reader (yes, Jennie, I know that you don't see yourself as gentle but...), don't have to. And so, today I am off to Brussels, as I have a meeting of the ALDE Party's Financial Advisory Committee to attend tomorrow morning. I have served on some very obscure bodies in my time, but the Financial Advisory Committee is probably up the most obscure. It isn't mentioned in the statutes of ALDE, its membership is decided upon ...
    • The interesting thing about the first of those Milistone promises
      The first promise on Ed Miliband's eight foot limestone slab is: 1. A strong economic foundation Note that he doesn't promise an actual "strong economy". That would be going too far. After all, Miliband and Labour have not yet apologised for the last economic disaster which put at least a net 600,000 people out of work in the UK. Their excuse was that it was all caused by global forces. So they can't promise a strong economy because global forces might come in and mess it all up again. So they just promise a "strong economic foundation". Fairly lame, I ...
    • 2015 General Election Day 35: Rock of pledges, cleft for me
      [IMG: milibandstone] And lo, it didst come to pass that someone in Labour HQ took the words 'my pledges are carved in stone' far too literally. I've been involved in enough election campaigns to know that at this point - five weeks in! - everyone's starting to get quite frayed at the edges, and ideas that seemed poor a few weeks ago will suddenly look like utter genius because they're new, fresh and different. You've been looking at the same leaflets in the same design for weeks, and so naturally the idea of carving your pledges into a massive block ...
    • Restoring our civil liberties: just one of the Lib Dem achievements in the last five years
      [IMG: Lib Dem achievements in government - 8. Civil liberties] For more, see the full infographic: What have the Liberal Democrats achieved in government? [IMG: Share on Facebook] [IMG: Share on Twitter] Show support for Lib Dems on social media The Liberal Democrats have achieved so much in the last five years. Now help the party achieve even more in the next five years: Sign up to this Thunderclap to share a message on the eve of poll about voting Liberal Democrat Sign up to this Facebook event to show that you're voting Liberal Democrat
    • The importance of Magna Carta to British society today
      Forget David Starkey. The best guide to the importance of Magna Carta to us 900 years on is Marriott Edgar.
    • Tactical voting
      Sunday Times, Sunday May 3, 2105:"Even when the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition was formed, many pundits gave it little chance of surviving a few months, let alone five years. But it did survive and this has been a period of political stability that would have been the envy of many majority governments of the past...Mr Clegg deserves to survive and so do his closest Lib Dem colleagues in government. Tory supporters in Labour/Lib Dem marginals may wish to vote for the Lib Dem candidate."Labour supporters in Conservative/Lib Dem marginals may also wish to vote for their LibDem candidate. Take Montgomeryshire, for ...
    • Campaigning in Twickenham: luckily this chap wasn't on the register
      Campaigning for @vincecable and #LibDems today. Luckily this chap not on electoral register pic.twitter.com/MxCxYsB4mX - Mark Pack (@markpack) May 3, 2015
    • Hopefully for the last time: Eric Pickles fails to understand localism
      [IMG: picklesbiscuits] Over the past few years Eric Pickles and his strange contradictory definition of localism - where councils get to locally decide whether they agree with him totally or wholeheartedly - have provided many posts for this blog and I may feel momentarily sad on Friday if he's no longer around to provide me with such easy pickings in the future. However, being a generous man he's given me one last thing to have a shot at it before he (hopefully) goes and it's yet again him failing to understand anything about localism while showing that his time at ...
    • Final weekend poll scorecard: latest voting intention figures from each firm 3/5
      Here are the latest national voting intention figures from each of the main pollsters. Five put Tories ahead. Six put Labour ahead. Otherwise known as close. To put the numbers into longer context, take a look at my database of polling figures going back to 1945, which is updated quarterly and remember the warning about individual polls. Polling company Con Lab LibDem UKIP Green Con lead Fieldwork Method ComRes 33% 35% 7% 16% 4% -2% 11-13/3 Online ComRes 33% 33% 8% 13% 7% 0% 28-30/4 Phone ICM 35% 32% 9% 13% 5% 3% 24-26/4 Phone Ashcroft 36% 30% 9% 11% ...
    • How the BBC broke the law today
      Ops. Radio 5 Live asking a postal voter which party they voted for and broadcasting the answer. Bit early in day to be breaking law! - Mark Pack (@markpack) May 3, 2015 The law in question is Section 66a of the Representation of the People Act 1983.